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We partner with businesses and investors to develop new, creative, and comprehensive energy solutions to decarbonize, lower costs and provide environmentally impactful returns. 


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On-site Generation

In a solar PPA, Trinary agrees to design, install, and maintain a solar energy system on the customer's premises or in a nearby location. The customer, in turn, agrees to purchase the electricity generated by the solar system at a predetermined rate over a specified period.


Community Solar

Trinary's team will develop design, install, and maintain a solar energy system on your property. The project will have an executed Power Purchase Agreement with the local utility for a period of 20-years.  PPA Programs can be either GTSR or Mid-Term Reliability RFO.


Renewable Energy Credits

Carbon offsetting is a mechanism that allows entities to invest in projects or activities that reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions in order to compensate for their own emissions.  Trinary will create a customized plan for your business to achieve Net-Zero.


Investments and Tax Credit Structuring

Trinary's team will create and deploy a customized strategy to meet your personal and business tax needs utilizing renewable energy incentives and revenue from the projects. 


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